Clybs.com is Cliburn M. Solano's hobby site

Clybs.com is Cliburn M. Solano's hobby site. Clybs.com is a collection of Cliburn's rantings and what not. Clybs.com is a proof that he needs to get a life.

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11.30.2011 - Happy Birthday Mommy!!

From Dad and Me! :p

5.8.2011 - Happy Mother's Day!!!

To my Mom who will always be an inspiration to me and my Dad, We love and miss you!!! Happy Mother's day!! - Dad and Me

12.31.2010 - Happy New Year!!

6 more minutes to go before 2011!! :p

12.26.2010 - Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Dad's celebrating his Nth birthday today and I'm glad I'm back home to celebrate it with him. It's moments like these that makes use realize that life itself is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more. Happy birthday Dad! :p

11.30.2010 - Happy Birthday Mommy!!

Me and my Dad miss Mommy so much. She plays the piano very well. We'd play duets every time I visit back home during the weekends. She inspires me in so many ways. I miss her cooking. It wasn't the best in the world but it surely made me and my Dad felt better. Both Dad and I love her so much. Magkikita din tayo ulit balang araw Ma pero wag muna ngayon. :p

09.15.2010 - Bought Two New Books!!

Impulse buying won again by two books costing $100. Darn.... I still need to pay my taxes. Oh well.... :p

08.28.2010 - Perform Again with Two Bands

Today I play with my band which has a new name - "Plan B". Show starts at 3pm and sometime later on as a sessionist for the band McFly. I'm supposed to play with a Saxophonist on the second band but I guess our Sax player got sick so I have to do his parts. Let me tell you a little secret. I haven't practiced his parts yet! Shhhhhhh.... They don't know this yet! Hahaha! I'll just improvise on stage. Ok, got to prep up as it is only around 3 hours till sound check. :p

08.10.2010 - Goldbach Conjecture

It's one of restless nights wherein you try your best to get a good night's sleep. These persistent difficulty falling asleep have been bugging me for quite sometime now. I figured that may be it has a purpose. Why don't I try to hone my old math skills? I tried solving the 'ternary' Goldbach conjecture or in lay man's terms, every number that is greater than 2 is the sum of three primes. Then after 2 minutes in the problem, I caught myself drooling and already late for work! I have found the cure for insomia!

07.24.2010 - I'm Playing Tonight!

Just in case you're in Singapore and bored :p -> SAMA Concert for A Cause

07.23.2010 - Model + Books = ?

Finally something worthwhile for me to read other than eBooks on tech stuff. The shipping costs more than the actual package but nonetheless worth every penny. Three books to keep me busy during those boring days. Ok, that's how I justify my impulse buying. My blog, my rules! Haha! Now moving along....

This is just in, my violin, not the electric, got a chance to date a model! Hahaha! They borrowed my musical instrument for their photo shoot. How I wish I was the violin. :p

07.20.2010 - It's Been Decided

I bought a new desktop, LCD, and scanner printer. I got them all linked together perfectly except for the scanner. I plug in the scanner and started testing it. Out of curiosity, I scanned a blank document, no paper to scan. I printed the result. Funny, I got an image. It can't be. May be something went wrong. I wipe clean the scanner and did a second scan. The same result. I had it printed also. I showed the results to my flatmates. We all got scared....

The first image that came out from the scanner was exactly my room with a face of a girl in it. She seemed troubled and staring at my door. The second scanned image was that of the same girl in my room but this time it was different, she was staring at me....

Then I woke up. It was just a dream! It must be my own Mal just like in the Inception movie. I should have brought my own totem. Now I can't sleep.

BTW, I decided to buy the book I mentioned yesterday and aside from that I also ordered two more additional books. Oh well, haha! :p

07.19.2010 - Inception and Double Stops

I saw a book on double stops but is available only online..... Should I get it online? It's a nice violin practice book.... Decide burn! Anyway, I did watched Inception yesterday. Dream in a dream in a dream. Must be what the guys in comatose are experiencing. So was the ending of the movie a dream or not? Hint: He always wears his wedding ring when he is in a dream! Ok, going for work now. :p

07.14.2010 - Dreaming about Yamaha CP50

Got a glimpse again of that Digital Piano. I'm gonna get me one hopefully before this year ends! I miss playing the piano.

07.08.2010 - And there goes my sight...

I lost my pair of contacts again. I rinsed the case of my contacts twice at a certain moment which should not be the case since I always place my lenses in their case after the first rinse. Oh well, good thing I bought 6 pairs.

06.28.2010 - Got dad some books!

Went to a Kinukuniya Book Store and got dad some books for him to read. I also watched a saxophonist and a pianist jam together. I must admit that I'm still attracted to women who can really play the piano very well. I did watch Karate Kid over the weekend. One thing I noticed, there' no Karate in Karate Kid! Everything is in Kung Fu! They should have reviewed the plot a little more. Me and my friends performed our music with 8~ Singaporean bands and for the first time, an old timer from Singaporean congratulated me for my playing. He must have had problems with hearing because as far as I remember, I was out of tune while on stage. :p

06.23.2010 - I bought the wrong earphones!

I went to a music shop last night and got myself a new set of earphones to be used for this coming Saturday's gig. I got the ones which wraps around the helix and 'points' or 'plugs' directly in the auditory canal. I hated it because it does not stay intact. The problem arises when you're out there on stage with poor instrument monitors. You just can't hear yourself playing. And for guys like me who rely heavily on what we hear.... Simply put, you're dead. I'm getting back to my old headphones.

Happy Father's Day!

Haven't seen my father for more than a year now. I miss dad. Happy father's day dad!

Healthy Living as an Order

I started on living life differently, just a bit, after a doctor warned me that I was not that healthy. I could still correct this though. All I need to do is change my long held 'tradition/beliefs'. I exercised last week, did 10 push ups on Monday. I think that's about it for last week. Hehehe! Give me a break, 10 is too much for this old body. Today I did another 10. I think that's good enough for the entire week. Hahaha! No, I'll try again tomorrow. But then again, that's already equivalent to 2 weeks of push ups. Hahaha! That's what you call breaking your own record. I also started on eating 'Chinese Salad'. Pretty much a collection of roots and twigs, add a little grub here and there. Hahaha! Life sometimes is too short. I have lot's of things in mind. Person still to meet. Body is frail. Mind is strong. Spirit is stronger. Now shut up and finish those twigs.

05.07.2010 - Hello hackers!

I've noticed lately that some of you have already started prying your eyes on jamilicious.com. Please don't start hacking it. The site's main goal is pretty noble and cater's only to musicians. Mercy!

05.07.2010 - Performing again!

We'll be performing this Saturday at Boat Quay, Singapore! 4-5 song for the entire night. There are other bands who will be performing as well. I haven't practiced really well one of the songs we're gonna perform. Oh well, hahahaha!

04.18.2010 - Jamilicious.com!!

I know I haven't been updating this site lately for good reasons though! I recently created a site for musicians!! Yup, musicians!! It's a hub for musicians and music lovers. Just visit this site and try registering to see what I mean.

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